Monday, September 30, 2013

Troop Tracker concept - Reach Out email

This post will be building upon the idea I had create a program that will help to track a Boy Scout's progress through the scouting program.

Since I was thinking of working with the troop I used to be a part of, communications with representatives will be easier as I already have a strong friendly and professional relationship with many of the leaders. The Scout Master also knows that I am a computer science major at HPU and may be willing to help me practice my art.

Things to mention:

  1. Introduce the type of class this is and basic idea of the project (help local organizations)
  2. Talk about the idea I have for my project (its general purpose, who would benefit and why/how)
  3. List 3 or 4 features it might have (visual timelines, scout event tracker, important information announcements)
  4. I should also let them know that this is only for one class, so setting meetings to show the next build might be on a bi-weekly basis or so at most.
  5. At this point, I could ask if it was something they could use and see if they have any questions or comments. If they don't think it would be useful to them I could ask if there was something else in particular that they had in mind.
  6. Thank them for their time and perhaps direct them to the previous blog posts with the ideas I've been coming up with. That way they would have another record of the things I was thinking of implementing and they could even make some comments on the posts saying what is good or ask for other features.

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