Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Troop Tracker concept - Interview Plan

The week since I posted last has been pretty long and I'm frazzled trying to catch up with all my work. As a result I haven't gotten to think about the project I was working on for my troop as much as I would have liked, but the upcoming week doesn't exactly look like wide open...Such is the life of a student and everyone has dealt with it so I can't complain too much I suppose. ON TO THE PLAN!

Objective of Interview

  • Determine who will be responsible to data management and how to access the application.
Date, Time, and Location
  • To be determined
User participants
  • Blane Nagareda - Scout Master
  • Assistant Scout Masters invited
Project Team Participants
  • Brent Nagareda


  1. Who will be responsible for the majority of the system management?
  2. Who will be responsible for the data entry?
    1. If done by a Scout:
      1. Will there be a supervisor
      2. How much access should the scout have?
      3. Could a position be introduced so each patrol has their own person keeping track of everyone.
  3. Where can the service be hosted?
  4. How visible will an individual scout's progress be to the rest of the troop?
  5. How visible will the entire troop's overall progress be to the public?

Important Decision or answers to questions

  • Refer to notes taken

Open items not resolved with assignments for solution

  • Refer to notes taken

Date and time of next meeting

  • To be announced, most likely after at least a week to let the Scout Masters discuss.

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