Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Supporting my (Boy Scout) troops

Problem Description:
In the Boy Scout Troop I was in, we had many members who would stay at the same rank for a long time. This was for a variety of reasons, the most prominent being a lack of a centralized database that held what requirements the members needed to achieve their next rank. If there was single place a scout leader could look to find who was close to getting the next rank and who was falling behind, the troop could then be more organized in planning meetings, classes, and camps.

System capabilities:
  1. Show a timeline of the scouts achievements in his rank.
  2. Show a timeline of the scout's rank while a member of the troop
  3. List all requirements to achieve the next rank
  4. Show a list of possible ideas for their Eagle Service project
  5. Keep track of all events they have attended
  6. Show what leadership positions they have held and at what date
Business Benefits:
My dad is still involved with the troop and I'll be seeing him this weekend. I'll bring this idea up to him and see if he thinks it would be a good idea. It has been a while since I was in the troop so there are probably a lot of other things that would increase the app's usability.

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