Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Homework Schedule Helper

Problem Description:
I've noticed that the farther I get in my education, the harder it gets to keep up with all of my homework assignments. With work, clubs, and social relationships keeping track of the assignments, reading, papers due dates, exam and quiz days... Not to mention when professors have so many different places to put their schedules, ie. Blackboard, Pipeline, edxEdge, keeping track of everything can be difficult and time consuming. I propose an application that send the use reminders to update a list of scheduled assignments, keep track of which assignments are completed, and possibly facilitate study sessions between classmates.

System capabilities:
  1. Send reminders to update class assignments
  2. Order assignments by priority
  3. Store links or documents to find assignments more quickly
  4. Find others who are taking the same classes
  5. Store potential times for study
Business Benefits:
This idea was actually born a couple of days ago when I looked at the Blackboard page for my biology class and realized that I had missed an assignment right after I was reminded I needed to start on a paper for my history class. I'm hoping that centralizing my tasks in a place like this will help me organize my classes and give me less stress in the long run.
Hopefully I'd at least get really strong back muscles.

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