Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stakeholders for Troop Tracker concept

From my previous post on helping my former troop, these are the possible stakeholders:

Scout Masters (Internal, Executive) - The Scout Master's main role is to guide scouts and make sure that they are learning and completing requirements to achieve their next rank. They can use this information to make sure that everyone is steadily advancing and that no one missed a requirement that will leave them further behind.

Scout Leaders (Internal, Operational) - They will be in charge of checking on the requirements most of the scouts are missing and planning classes or activities based the data.

Parents (External, Executive) - The parents of a scout are usually a driving force behind a scout's attendance at events or motivation. This will give them an easy way to keep track of their son's progress and of upcoming events.

I was also thinking it would be good to add a notification feature. If there is an upcoming event, it would send a reminder of the date, time, and meeting place. It could also give a checklist of things they might need to bring. There could also be an area where each boy could keep all the information they have on their Eagle Service project, things like estimated costs, volunteers, and meetings and what was discussed. This would create an easy way to present all the information when they have to show what they did at their Board of Review.

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