Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First Time on the Rails

Learning to program at HPU has never really inspired me to go out and learn a language besides Java. Everything that we did, all the data structures we learned, all the conventions that were drilled into us: it never seemed necessary to put work into learning another language when we had invested so much into the first. I mean sure, I COULD learn another language. I would just have to remember the concepts I learned in my Java classes and I would be fine. Then last year happened. I watched one of my friends build a website in PHP and create a game for class in C. I listened to him talk about the problems he was having with each language, the useful things he found, and the problems he would have if he used Java.

So I've resigned myself to learning another language. The work I've done on the Code Academy website gives me some hope though. I always thought that the hardest part of learning a new language would be learning the new syntax. Assembly was a painful and SQL had so many commands to learn. Ruby had a few key words that are similar to Java and seems to have an even easier syntax. Maybe this new language will teach me not to be afraid to go out and something totally new. And if I end up hating Ruby, maybe I'll just print out this picture, throw a dart at it and learn what ever language it landed on.

Hmm...well, learning Fortran can't be too bad can it?...Wikipedia says there will be a new revision out in 2015 so maybe I'll just wait for that.

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