Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stakeholders for LoL concept

My post for this week is a follow up on the League of Legends post I made last week. I have to admit that this is the idea I'm most interested by because I think I could also benefit from this project. As far as stakeholders go:

Team Captain (Internal, Executive Stakeholder) - At the moment, there are only about four out of seven people who have been playing ranked games on our team. The captain could keep track of how well the other members are doing and who on the team they work well with.

Active Team Members (Internal, Operational) - A big reason I think this could help our team is compiling stats from games to show what someone is good at and what they need to work on. Core mechanics like farming gold, map awareness, awareness of the enemy team's item composition, awareness of common items and what they do.

Inactive Team Members (Internal, Operational) - Inactive meaning they don't play in ranked matches. We formed the team to play with our friends but our skill levels are very different. This app will give them more detailed feedback on their own play style while also providing a level they can measure themselves against. They could even ask for more detailed descriptions on why someone does a certain thing in game and be shown an example of how and why to do it.

I have a firm belief that lots of the people I play with could do well in practicing their core mechanics, the trouble is knowing exactly what needs to be practiced and a way to actually keep track of your progress. Maybe there could also be a queue that people could put all the things they want to keep track of and they would be able to easily see their progress for each item.

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